How to connect to your Nesabox server via SSH

In this article I'll show you how to connect to your Nesabox server over SSH. By default password authentication is disabled on all Nesabox servers to improve security.

First, you need to generate an SSH key on your local computer if you haven't already. Checkout this article on how to generate an SSH key on Windows and this one for on Mac OS or Linux .

Next, you need to copy this key. On Mac Os or Linux, you can run pbcopy < /path/to/

Add key to server

Visit the Meta tab on your server dashboard and click the Add SSH Key button. To add a key, you need to provide a name for the public key, and a valid key itself.

Add ssh key

Connecting to server

Once your key is added, you can now SSH into the server as the nesa user by running ssh nesa@SERVER_IP_ADDRESS -i /path/to/key. In my case, the command looks like this: ssh nesa@ -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa

This should give you access to your server.

Deleting keys

If you want to revoke access of a key, you can delete it from your dashboard.

Automatically adding keys to all servers.

If you find yourself adding the same public key to all servers you create, you can automatically setup your public key to be added to all new servers you create. To do this, visit your account page and add an SSH key to your account. Now whenever you create a new server, all the keys added to your account will be automatically added to that server.