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Build a Youtube clone with Laravel & Vue

Begin Course
Hello friends. In this course, we'll be building a complete youtube clone from scratch.
Some of the features covered in full detail in this course are:

  • Implicit and explicit Route model binding
  • Video processing
  • Storage and file systems
  • Advanced Eloquent concepts
  • Multiple file uploads
  • Custom request objects
  • One to many, Many to many and Polymorphic relationships

And so much more !!!
We would also learn how to build laravel applications with a vuejs frontend, and some of the features and concepts we would cover in Vuejs are :

  • Component composition
  • Component reusability
  • Inline templates with blade
  • Multiple file uploads
  • File upload progress
  • Nested commenting systems

And so so so much more !!!
So come along with me on this journey to becoming a professional Laravel developer, building world class applications. Be sure to get started with all the free lessons