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Adonis 4, From Scratch to Saas

Begin Course
AdonisJs, in my opinion is one of the best things to come to the Node.js community in a while. It uses the latest features of the JavaScript programming language, and provides everything you need to build simple to complex applications that scale. In this course, we'll learn the ins and outs of this framework using a project based approach. We'll build BahdTodos, a Stripe based SAAS application, providing users with premium todos management. We'll cover everything you need to build a real world Adonis application. Come along with me, let's have fun learning Adonis.

Databases & Models

In this section, let's take care of the M in MVC. We'll talk to our database, create models, migration files, factory files.

Refactoring for cleaner code

Let's take a step back, and refactor our code. Using some of the best features in adonis, we can refactor our code to a much cleaner state.


Let's learn how to send emails in adonis js

Setting up user relationships

Setup user relationship with the todos table.

Application cleanup

Let's cleanup some simple parts of our application