Hey, I'm Kati Frantz.

I'm here to help you excel in your software engineering career 👇

I'm a full-stack software engineer, speaker, writer and teacher from Cameroon 🇨🇲 🎉. I'm 24 years old, and I've been in love with web development and engineering for over 7 years.

I use HTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript. I started out with PHP and the Laravel framework, and about 4 years down the line went into full-stack javascript development.My main focus right now is Node.js, React.js, Adonis.js, Next.js, and Tensei.js

I create online courses and actively maintain Tensei.js, a headless CMS and API generator built in Node.js and React.

I'm a co-organiser of the Vue.js meetup in Nigeria. I love contributing to communities and helping other developers level up and grow in their careers.

A little more personal ...

I currently live in Lagos, Nigeria 🇳🇬, because I love this place. I love the people, I love the vision, I love the tech space, and I've met the most amazing people ever.

I love anime more than anything in the world. My favourite are Attack on Titans, Kuroko no basket, Deadman Wonderland, Death Note, One Piece, Naruto / Naruto Shippuden, Haikyuu, Hunter X Hunter, Dragon Ball Z, and so much more. Let's meet sometime and talk anime.

I also play a lot of video games. Used to game on the PS4, but switched to PC recently. Of all the games I've completed, these are my favourites: The Last of Us 2, COD MW1, MW2, MW3, Resident Evil 3 Remake, Uncharted A Thief's End, The Lost Legacy, Hitman 3, Assasin's Creed Odyssey.

I hate The Witcher, Red Dead Redemption, and Sekiro makes me sad.

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