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I'm here to help you excel in your software engineering career 👇

Kati Frantz is a software engineer and Auth0 Ambassador passionate about mentoring and training other developers. He’s published over 150 hours of training resources on Udemy with over 65 000 students.

He’s worked with multiple teams and startups across the world to build powerful, modern, performant and scalable web applications. He is also a speaker and author of the Deploying Nodejs book.

He is currently the core maintainer of the open-source headless CMS and API builder Tenseijs.

Current Projects

Core maintainer at Tensei.js

Tensei.js is the fastest and easiest way to build APIs and manage content for your projects and applications.

Deploying Node.js Book

"Deploying Node.js" is a hands-on book and video course that teaches you how to manage, secure, provision and deploy node.js servers and applications.

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Udemy courses

I teach over 65 000 students on Udemy about core web technologies such as React, Vue, PHP, Laravel, Node.js and MongoDB.

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